The Vineyard

Our vineyard. Our grapes.

Henry David Vineyards is set deep in the Bennett Valley Appellation on 18 acres in Sonoma County, one of the world’s foremost wine regions. Nestled on a gently rolling slope of Sonoma Mountain about 800 feet above sea level, we look west to Santa Rosa and the Pacific coast, and we’re just over the hill from Sonoma. Our setting provides one of the most perfect microclimates to grow our three clones of Pinot Noir, classic Chardonnay, and French Burgundian Aligote’ grapes—gentle warmth from the sun gives way to cool night ocean breezes.

Sonoma County is the birth place of California’s famed wine industry and was been named The 2019 Wine Region of the Year by Wine Enthusiast magazine.

The terroir.

But it’s more than the climate. The soil is important, too.

Country roads along Bennett Valley are lined with antique fences—walls built more than a century ago with stones pulled from the valley’s volcanic soil. Our vines’ deep roots fight through that soil, which further imbues the grapes’ juices with a wonderful richness.

The microclimate. The soil. The Sonoma Mountain setting. Combined, these conditions create the terroir—the environment in which our grapes grow, ultimately providing our wines with a character people savor and that impart rich qualities to our permium wines.

The appellation.

Three mountains—Sonoma Mountain, Taylor Mountain and Bennett Mountain—form the Bennett Valley. As an appellation, it’s known for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines. Almost all of the growers in this valley are smaller—with vineyards of 20 acres or less. Like us, most bottle high-quality boutique, artisan wines.

The climate and terrain appeals to more than winemakers. Wildlife is abundant here, too—deer, wild turkeys, raptors, mountain lions, and plenty of smaller creatures. They roam freely through the area, including our vineyard. When we see them, we readily pause to drink in all of nature’s generosity, and we’re filled with gratitude to be part of this land.

Taste wines labeled with Bennett Valley as the appellation and you will gain an appreciation for the very essence of the quality of life here.