Henry David Vineyards

What's in a name?

Actually, it’s two names.

Henry David Vineyards is a tribute to our two fathers because both men were farmers. We used their middle names for the vineyard. They respected the land that provided a living for them and their families. Bill’s grandparents, for example, lived on and worked 120 acres (and so did Bill!), farming orchards apples, pears, peaches, and cherries, as well as a vineyard of concord grapes. Sherilyn’s grandparents farmed various crops in northeast Texas.  It’s a heritage we respect, and we’re proud to honor our families this way.

We know the strenuous work that comes with tending fields. Despite the efforts, the quality of life was special. Our memories are filled with warm experiences. And we are thrilled to be back in such a place.

Our Family

Bill and Sherilyn

Henry David Vineyards is our third, or if you count raising our family, fourth career. We grew two businesses while we saw five children grow up—and who since have grown our eight grandchildren!

We recently sold our startup ocular pharmaceutical company after completing a successful early phase clinical study that demonstrated a successful outcome for an exciting new treatment. We weren’t ready to completely retire, but we were ready for a change of pace.

Family PhotoFor years we dreamed of owning a vineyard.  Why not in Sonoma County, one of the world’s most spectacular grape growing regions? With decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, we were comfortable with the wine industry’s high-quality standards and highly-regulated products. So we bought a vineyard!

We believe Henry David Vineyards provides more than a terrific place to grow some of the finest Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes. It’s a great farm for our children and grandchildren to visit, enjoy, and create memories together for years to come. And, Henry David Vineyards wines are finally here, releasing begins in April 2020, continuing the track record of excellent, award winning wines from our estate grown 2018 harvest.